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Quick-Guard Custom

Quick-Guard is a unique fencing system based on traditional aluminum extrusion and wire mesh panels. Easily assembled using our system of cast aluminum brackets. Quick-Guard is most often used for custom fencing systems requiring specialized configurations.


Webinar Machine Guarding Basics - Technical Tuesdays September 2020


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ABB's Quick Guard fencing is customized to our customer's needs.  



Quick-Guard fencing system is designed to be used in different types of applications and can be customized to suit specific needs. There are two options. 


1. Quick-Guard Express which allows you to design and install 

2. Quick-Guard Standard which is designed and cut based on CAD files for specific needs and measurements. 


These two fencing systems can also be combined to achieve a complete system.


Features - Easy to install and helps speed up your projects

Aluminum profiles - Lightweight aluminum profiles allow ergonomic assembly.


Patented screw-lock system - Pre-mounted brackets with fixing screws and nuts simplifies assembly and modification.


Simple modification - It is easy to modify an existing fence design since the aluminum profiles are easy to saw into different lengths.


Highly adaptable to various needs - Numerous materials and components give endless possibilities.


Complete safety system - Quick-Guard has fittings and mounting brackets for all sensors, locks and switches from Jokab Safety


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