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Pluto PLC
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Pluto PLC

Pluto is a powerful, networkable, affordable, and innovative safety PLC (programmable logic controller) with proven diagnostics and a unique ability to be changed out and be up and running fast.


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  • Easy programming
  • Eliminates the need for extra module for speed monitoring
  • Exchange data without extra programming
  • Safe bus simplifies connection between cabinets in accordance with PL e/SIL3
  • AS-i models simplify connection
  • Extensive communication possibilities with HMI and PLCs



  • Advanced programming possibilities
  • Ladder and TÜV approved function blocks
  • PL e/SIL 3
  • Supports StatusBus 


Pluto Safety PLC


Features of Pluto with StatusBus

Simplified Status Monitoring Reduces Downtime
  • Status of up to 30 devices connected to one input on the Pluto Safety PLC
  • Up to four inputs on the Pluto can be configured for StatusBus = 120 StatusBus Devices
  • Status of Safety System is easily sent to HMI to be displayed, Reducing Downtime
  • M12 connectors for ease of installation
  • Supported by Smile, Inca, & Eden and other StatusBus devices
  • All Pluto models support the StatusBus functionality as long as they have OS 3 6 1 or higher
  • Pluto Manager v 2 26 or higher is necessary
  • Typically a StatusBus circuit takes a 5 pin cables but verify your application with the manual

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