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Magne DynLink
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Magne DynLink

Locking Magnetic door lock for use with (example) robot cells using ABB DynLink technology


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  • The Magne 3 does not have an Adam safety sensor built in
  • All Magne 4 Series have a built in Adam Safety Sensor
  • Magne 4 and 4X requires ordering the Eva (for Magne 4) and Anchor Plate separately
  • The metal target (anchor) plate is also ordered separately for all models When the Magne 4 is powered up for the first time, the Magne and the Eva will share codes. The Eva General can be replaced with another Eva General since they share the same codes The Eva Unique satisfies the requirements of EN/ISO 14119Only 350mA current draw compared to 2 amps for a solenoid locking switch
  • 1500N holding force compared to 1000N for a solenoid locking switch
  • Eva and Anchor plate must be ordered separately
  • Anchor plate (32B) can be ordered with an embedded magnet to hold door closed (30N) when power is not applied 

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