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Solid State Reduced Voltage Starters
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ASTAT CD+ and IBP+ Solid State Reduced Voltage

Previous Generation ASTAT solid state reduced voltage starters:


  • The ASTAT IBP Plus is a line of bypass solid state starters featuring a fully rated bypass contactor. These starters are rated up to 300HP @ 460v. The design is completely wired allowing quick, simple installation into either new or existing installations as a replacement for traditional starters. Bypass contactors are a must for enclosed installations where free air movement is not possible.


  • The ASTAT CD Plus is the most full featured starter in the ASTAT lineup. Parameters include soft start voltage ramp, kick-start, current limiting, an energy saving feature, thermistor input, soft stop, pump control, DC injection breaking, communications, jog/slow speed and tachometer feedback.

Features and Benefits

  • Digital control provides accurate control.
  • Variety of starting options to meet most application needs
  • Electronic overload offers superior protection ( ASTAT IBP and CD)
  • Current limit to reduce brownout conditions.
  • Snubbers and MOV's to provide transient protection to components
  • Fault diagnostics for quick resolution of problems.
  • Six back to back SCR's for optimum performance
  • 1600 v PIV SCR for long reliable life
  • Enclosed Forms Type 1, 3R/12 (non-combination or combination) for convenience and ease of installation.


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