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Solid State Reduced Voltage - ASTAT XT Enclosed Soft Starter Panels
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ASTAT XT Enclosed Soft Starter Panels

Previous Generation: Enclosed ASTAT XT solid-state soft starter 


Features and Benefits

  • A full range of enclosed starters:
    - 125HP @ 208VAC*
    - 250HP @ 230VAC*
    - 500HP @ 460VAC*
    - 500HP @575VAC*
    * - At Normal / Class 20 rating
  • Enclosures available:
    - NEMA 1
    - NEMA 12
    - NEMA 3R
    - Open Style on a Baseplate
  • Contractor configurations available:
    - No contactors
    - Isolation Contactor
    - Run Time Bypass Contactor (AC1) or Full Voltage Bypass Starter (AC3) options
    - Isolation Contactor with Bypass Contractor or Starter
  • Advanced control functions:
    Torque Control: Produces ramps close to linear speed without tachometer feedback
    Pump Control: Avoids overpressure and suppresses hammering at end of ramps
    Generator Supply: Helps minimize negative effects caused by generator voltage fluctuations during starting
  • Factory Installed Communication protocols:
    Modbus RTU, DeviceNet, or Profibus DP


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