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Starters - Definite Purpose Controls - CR455/CR355 Controller
Industrial Solutions

CR455/CR355 Controller

GE's full complement of definite purpose controls (25A-40A) includes two-speed controllers for a variety of industrial electric equipment. These include air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, food processing, agricultural plus numerous other applications. The new feature rich controllers have been reduced 20% in size but retains 100% of the performance you have come to expect from GE.


All definite purpose components by GE meet ARI780, UL, CSA and CE standards.

Features and Benefits

  • Universal mounting plates simplify mounting, panel layout and changeout of any brand of DP.
  • Wide array of terminal offerings allow for diverse applications.
  • Precision, self alligning magnets add to quiet dependable operation.
  • Low VA "no burn" coil for fail-safe operation during brownouts.
  • Snap on accessories make modification quick and easy.
  • Inspection of durable, double break contacts may be performed easily without removal of contact, reduces labor costs.
  • Class 20 and class 10 Thermal Overload Relays provide superior protection
  • Available in 3-3 Pole, 4-4 Pole and 5-3 Pole configurations


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