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Tranquell* Series
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TPME and TPHE Series

The ABB TPME and TPHE Series Surge Protective Device (SPD) line is available in wall mount construction, as well as integrated within low voltage distribution equipment such as panelboards and switchboards. ABB can also provide custom products for integration in other manufactures equipment. An integrated design allows for short lead lengths, with a controlled installation process.The integrated design eliminates installation errors, saves wall space and can reduce the installed cost of the protection.


A full offering of wall-mounted, integrated, panel-mounted, and box extension devices are available.

Features and Benefits

  • Tranquell LE device is available with 25kA and 50kA per mode ratings.
  • Tranquell ME is available with 65kA, 80kA and 100kA per mode ratings.
  • Tranquell HE is available with 100kA, 150kA, 200kA and 300kA per mode ratings.
  • Tranquell ME and Tranquell HE devices are also available integral to GE Distribution Equipment.
  • Fault Current Tested per NEC Article 285.
  • True Surge Current Ratings per NEMA LS-1 up to 200kA per mode.
  • UL 1449, 3rd Edition Safety Standard (September 2009 revision), UL-1283 available.
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