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AKD-10 Low Voltage Metal Enclosed
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AKD-10 Low Voltage Metal Enclosed

AKD-10 switchgear houses WavePro breakers, along with other protection and control devices in single or multiple source designs. AKD-10 switchgear can serve as a power distribution unit or part of a unit substation. This equipment provides commercial, industrial, and utility customers around the world a superior solution to their switchgear needs. AKD-10 low voltage switchgear has main bus ratings from 1600 to 5000 amps, 600 Vac,200 kA symmetrical short circuit maximum, and 50/60Hz. AKD-10 is designed to ANSI and NEMA standards, and is UL and CSA listed.

Features and Benefits

  • Non-ventilated, true closed-door drawout breaker compartment
  • Flexible main bus layout based on 3 (top, middle, lower) placement options
  • One standardized wiring diagram for all breakers and compartments with dedicated secondary disconnect and breaker accessory points
  • Trip unit display visible through the breaker compartment door
  • 30-cycle main bus withstand capability
  • Rugged structural design with individual, grounded steel breaker compartments
  • Standard tin-plated copper bus
  • Easy rear access for customer terminal points and cable connections
  • Indoor and outdoor enclosure options
  • Complete renewal parts offering and world-class maintenance instructional material
  • Optimum operator safety and convenience
  • Maximum system coordination and selectivity with downstream devices
  • Quick, easy access to breaker status and trip unit display
  • Long service life


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