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AKD-20 & Entellisys* AR
Arc Resistant Low-Voltage Switchgear

AKD-20 & Entellisys* AR

Arc Resistant Low-Voltage Switchgear


AKD-20 & Entellisys* AR: Protection You Can Count On

AKD-20 and Entellisys Arc Resistant (AR) Switchgear solutions are for applications where an extra margin of safety is essential. They meet the IEEE C37.20.7 Type 2B AR standard which states that the equipment will provide arc resistance protection on the front, rear, and sides while opening designated low-voltage compartments.

Think Ahead: Redirect Arc Flash Explosions

AKD-20 and Entellisys AR are designed to contain and redirect the arc flash energy and exhaust gases up through vent flaps at the top of the enclosure and away from the system through a plenum. In the case of an arc flash event, pressure activated flaps slam shut to seal ventilation areas in the rear cable compartment.

The rugged dead front panels protect personnel from the explosive force of arc flash occurrences. The circuit breaker cubicle doors are provided with a reinforced escutcheon gasket, protecting operators from exhaust gases and other materials.

Designed for the Safety of Personnel and Equipment

The AKD-20 and Entellisys AR are designed with the safety of your personnel and equipment in mind. The smaller footprint allows for flexibility in your plans. Our unique Entellisys and ArcWatch* technologies offer even more advanced safety solutions against arc flash occurrences. Using interlocking systems these two technologies increase protection while maintaining system uptime.

AR Features

  • Internal exhaust chimney
  • Heavy-duty enclosure
  • Same footprint as standard AKD-20 and Entellisys
  • Insulated/isolated bus
  • Section barriers and shutters
  • Push-to-latch circuit breaker cubicle doors
  • Pressure activated rear vent flaps
  • Reinforced circuit breaker escutcheon gasket
  • Plenum flange
  • Full height hinged and bolted rear doors
  • Floor plates in cable compartment
  • ArcWatch compatible
  • Standards and Approvals:  IEEE C37.20.7 – Type 2B; ANSI C37.20.1;  UL 1558, UL1066
  • Ratings:  
    - System Voltage Nominal (Max): 480 (508)-600 (635) Volts
    - Main Bus: 800-5000 Amp
    - Enclosure Type: Indoor NEMA 1, 54 inch deep frame
    - Symmetrical Short Circuit: 65kA (RMS) at 0.5 sec
  • Other Options:
    - Rear extensions to 60, 67, 74 inch deep frame
    - Infrared scanning window in rear doors
    - Lockable T-handles on circuit breaker cubicle door
    - Lockable T-handles on rear doors

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