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Entellisys* 5.0 Low-Voltage Switchgear

Entellisys 5.0 Low-Voltage Switchgear

Entellisys represents a remarkable advance over traditional low-voltage switchgear. The product of both revolutionary and incremental change, it reflects ABB's unmatched knowledge of power distribution, as well as application-specific expertise gained over the course of a century. With Entellisys, organizations in a wide variety of industries have the ability to dramatically improve the way power distribution is managed.


Entellisys Low-Voltage Switchgear offers a series of interlocking benefits that can help you take a better integrated, more responsive approach to your power distribution needs. At the same time, Entellisys sets the stage for even greater efficiency and productivity as your organization evolves.


Features & Benefits


Simplicity:  Entellisys is much easier to install, monitor, and maintain, even while offering greater functionality.


Flexibility:  With Entellisys, you can add functionality that means the most to you without significant system downtime.


Arc Flash Mitigation:  Entellisys takes a two-pronged approach by reducing your activity risk while lowering incident energy.


Reliability:  Overlapping layers of redundancy, best-in-class diagnostics, and selectivity make Entellisys a system you can count on.


Remote Communication:  In a rapidly changing environment, Entellisys gives you real-time visibility into your power distribution network and the switchgear protecting it.


Control:  Power transfers, load control, and emergency restoration are critical in today's switchgear and Entellisys is there every step of the way.


Case Study: Salem Hospital
Tony Johnson and Russ Murdock, Electrical Engineers from Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. recommend Entellisys to their customers. Learn how Entellisys "reduces the environment that a worker may be exposed to that may be unsafe", "gives you no single point of failure" and is "easy as using an ATM."   


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Case Study: St. Vincent's Hospital
"We introduced St. Vincent's to GE's Entellisys low-voltage switchgear solution as soon it became available to us," says Tommy Godwin, senior project manager with Marathon Electrical. "We had an $8 million construction project at St. Vincent's underway, and a management team at the hospital that wanted to optimize safety on all fronts, while maintaining functionality and flexibility."  


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Entellisys offers unique safety options, allowing operators to perform all protection, control, monitoring, and diagnostics from remote locations, well outside the Flash Protection Boundary.

The Entellisys Low-Voltage Switchgear offers several unique safety options:

Move Operators Outside the Flash Protection Boundary
Two remote control options enable operators to perform all protection, control, monitoring, and diagnostics outside the Flash Protection Boundary.

Near-Gear Human Machine Interface (HMI)
The Near-Gear Human Machine Interface is a stand-alone unit that allows for the complete interaction with the Entellisys System.

The Near-Gear HMI:

  • Can be placed up to 250 feet from the lineup, which is generally far outside the Flash Protection Boundary.
  • Consists of a self-contained computer with touch-screen or optional keyboard.
  • Allows operators to interact with the Entellisys system even though the HMI computer does not have any protection, control, or other functionality.

As a new option, a separate stack can house the CPUs, UPSs, and HMI to allow the operator to monitor and control key Entellisys components outside the Flash Protection Boundary.

Remote HMI Software
Remote HMI is a software package providing operators and other designated personnel secure access to Entellisys via networked or web-enabled desktops and laptops. In addition, Entellisys can provide alarm information and reports to users via e-mail or messages to their PDAs and other digital devices.

Maximize Personnel Protection
Reduced Energy Let-Thru Mode (RELT) works with bus differential to allow operators to set protection, for the bus or any circuit, to minimum pickup and maximum speed whenever maximum personnel protection at the gear or its connected load is desired. RELT is easily activated through the onboard, near-gear, and/or remote HMIs.

Move Operator Away from Gear during Rack-in / Rack-out
Remote racking device eliminates the need for operators to face a moving breaker during rack-out or rack-in.

Advanced Protection
Entellisys offers advanced protection modes known as zone-based protection, which includes bus differential, directional zone-selective interlocking, and multi-source ground fault protection.

Eliminate Need for Cascaded Time-Delays
Entellisys has the ability to detect fault magnitude and location, virtually eliminating the need for cascaded time delays that are normally required for selectivity.


Find out more information about safety.



The simplified design of Entellisys yields greater reliability by reducing the number of components and wiring. Redundancy and multiple backups mean greater uptime and system availability. Entellisys has no single point of failure.


Reliability Scenario
Through regular maintenance and testing, discover the reliability advantages of Entellisys. Read more


Entellisys provides unprecedented equipment reliability and power distribution system protection through a highly simplified system design that:

Reduces Components & Wiring
The centralized architecture drastically reduces components and wiring by deploying hardened, tested, multifunction devices (CTs, PTs, etc.), and provides protection, control, monitoring, metering, and diagnostics through software.

Reduces Risk of Failure
Simplified design comprises two separate, but synchronized, systems for protection, control, monitoring, metering and operations. With Entellisys, there is no single point of failure. 

Provides Backup Protection
Entellisys provides multiple levels of backup for protection and control: the system's advanced protection and control are implemented through the central architecture; the system's 'messenger nodes' act as backup trips, providing instantaneous protection in the event both the redundant systems should fail; and specific circuit breakers can be designated as backups. In addition, Entellisys has dual-control power sources and uninterruptible power supplies.

Eliminates Downtime
Advanced warning functionality features real-time monitoring and diagnostics. Based on user-set parameters, reports are issued to inform of potential problems.

The system can also issue an alarm and trigger a waveform capture whenever the current for a particular load rises above a user-defined level. Ground faults can be easily identified and corrected, as Entellisys can identify the phase and location of the feeder breaker circuit where the ground fault exists.

Offers Better, Less Costly Approach to Maintenance
With Entellisys, maintenance is based on actual recorded and reported mechanical and electrical usage rather than on a fixed calendar.


Find out more about reliability.



The flexibility of Entellisys® provides extraordinary value over the lifetime of the system. Entellisys easily handles late-point changes, whether in the build phase or during commissioning on the facility floor. Reduced components and wiring mean faster, simpler installation.

Flexibility Scenario
See the difference Entellisys makes in an EPA-mandated Clean Fuel initiative. Read more


Entellisys offers unique value over the lifetime of the system thanks to its flexibility.

Easily Accommodates Late-Point Changes
Because Entellisys' functionality resides in software modules that generally do not require additional hardware or wiring, Entellisys can easily accommodate late-point changes during the system build or during commissioning, usually without affecting delivery or system acceptance.

Simplified Design
Entellisys' simplified system design greatly reduces component counts and wiring, which expedites installation.

Fast, Easy Upgrades
The system can be upgraded simply using software - without downtime, loss of productivity, new circuits, or changes in frame sizes.

Better Metering
Entellisys offers unique mobile metering capabilities. 


Find out more information about flexibility.


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