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Terminal Blocks - NEMA
CR151 Terminal Blocks

CR151 Terminal Blocks

GE's CR151 components and assembled sectional terminal boards are ideal for general industrial use, including panels, switchboards, and when grouping of wiring connections is desired.


Select from 25-, 20-, 70- or 125-ampere terminal types; 300- or 600-volt ratings; channel or panel mounting. Various types of individual sections may be mixed to meet specific needs.


GE's CR151K Series resilent molded nylon blocks resist breakage, and occupy minimum space on busy control panels. They are automotive-approved to take the abuse of misguided screwdrivers.


Ratings by wire size translate into amperes-per-circuit, according to the temperature limit of wire insulation and the internal panel ambient temperature.


Fully shielded construction protects all live parts. Nylon has excellent anti-tracking qualities, as well as toughness and impact resistance.

Features and Benefits

  • Large opening - makes wiring easy
  • Insulating walls on all sides of collar guidesthe wire into the lug; strands do not go astray
  • Fully shielded construction - protects all live parts


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