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Ultra Efficient (NEMA Premium**/CSL-3) Harmonic Mitigating

Ultra Efficient (NEMA Premium**/CSL-3) Harmonic Mitigating



Spend less on energy. Improve power quality.

QL Ultra Efficient Up to 99% efficient with Harmonic Cancellation.


GE's most advanced transformer combines state-of-the-art energy efficiency with harmonic cancellation. The GE Ultra Efficient Harmonic Mitigating transformer meets both NEMA Premium and DOE CSL-3 energy efficiency and helps eliminate harmonic currents that can disrupt equipment operation and reduce energy efficiency.


It's your best choice for schools, government, healthcare, and commercial buildings because it helps earn LEED certification points from the US Green Building Council and improves power quality.





Features and Benefits

  • Meets or exceeds NEMA TP-1, NEMA Premium, and DOE CSL-3 efficiency
  • Improves power quality by canceling harmonic currents
  • GE's factory nonlinear test laboratory confirms effectiveness of harmonic mitigation and verifies efficiency under nonlinear load
  • Noise at lease 5dB less than NEMA ST-20 standards
  • Seismic qualified to the requirements of ASCE 7.05, IEEE-693-2005, and IBC-2006
  • 200% neutral standard
  • Copper windings and ground strap
  • Full capacity universal taps: two 2.5% above nominal and four 2.5% below nominal
  • Robust packaging with top and edge protection
  • 220C insulation system
  • 40C ambient
  • 10kV-BIL
  • UL listed
  • NEMA 2 powder-coat drip-proof enclosure is standard. Weathershield kit is available for conversion to NEMA 3R outdoor.
  • NEMA 3R stainless steel enclosure is available up to 150kVA
  • One-year limited warranty standard. Extended warranty is available.


  • Schools and colleges
  • Industrial facilities
  • Large commercial offices
  • Hospitals
  • Government offices
  • Casino and gaming operations


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