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Data Center Containers 200 - 1500kW
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Data Center Containers 200 - 1500kW

-for best-in-class speed, availability and operating efficiency

A Data Center is not a typical construction project, because there are more risks involved. The pace of cloud-based services and storage demand are making it harder to predict capacity needs. Construction can take years, tying up too much investment capital and expense. The PowerMOD* Modular Power Container from GE Critical Power is the answer, providing a containerized power infrastructure system designed to have the lowest total cost of ownership, the highest energy efficiency, the lowest total optimized footprint, and available in just months.


Build a new datacenter in four months

GE's new PowerMOD data center containers provide an innovative modular design for a complete, high-density, and energy-efficient turnkey data center. The container system is modular, pre-tested, and can be shipped and ready to use in as little as four months. And since GE makes all of the power equipment, customers get the maximum integration and coordination of equipment in the containers.



Customers also get a faster return on their investment through GE's comprehensive life cycle services that include planning, design, in-factory testing, onsite support and simplified service support management.


The turnkey solution and services provide clients with standard-sizing and easy customization that can address their aging infrastructure, limited space and shrinking budgets with the agility needed to rapidly scale and meet increasing capacity demands.


Ideally suited for:

  • Existing data center expansion
  • New datacenter capacity
  • Disaster recovery
  • Temporary capacity during renovations or UPS upgrades


PowerMOD Power Container Product Offerings













Power Rating
UL -- 60Hz
UL - 60Hz
Power Rating
CE - 50Hz
UL - 60Hz
250kW/500kW 20ft x 12ft 200kW/400kW 7.6m x 2.44m DX
Chilled H2O
Up to 1000kW 40ft x 12ft Up to 800kW 12.2m x 2.44m
Up to 1500kW 60ft x 12ft Up to 1200kW 18.3m x 2.44m





Standard Size and Configurations for PowerMOD Power Containers




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