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UPS - Single Phase
VH Series UPS - UL Listed (2kVA-3kVA)
Industrial Solutions

VH Series UPS - UL Listed (2kVA-3kVA)

2000-3000VA  (208V)


ABB's 208V UV Listed VH  Series of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) connects the utility and your critical load, helping ensure that when the utility drops or fails, your load continues to receive a clean, constant and reliable power supply.


The VH Series UPS adapts to adjusting network configurations as requirements change, and with a three year warranty, the UPS provides high power and a highly reliable level of power protection.

Features and Benefits

  • Hot swappable batteries allow replacement without load disruption
  • Matching battery cabinets available for longer battery life
  • Superior battery management providing battery protection and extension
  • Remote monitoring for easy access and control of unmanned or isolated sites
  • Reliability

– Voltage and Frequency Independent

– Failsafe bypass

– Three year warranty and high MTBF

– Very High output power factor (>0.99)

– Standard USB connection

– Range of communication options

  • Flexibility

– Tower and rackmount, small footprint
– Unique high peak load handling
– Frequency converter

  • Continuity

– Automatic bypass switch
– Easy, fast battery replacement
– Boost/float charging

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