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Cable Trays

ABB designs and manufactures cable tray systems, including perforated tray, cable ladder, channel tray and strut (metal framing), directly from production facilities in Canada and Saudi Arabia. Combining local manufacture and distribution with an extensive product range, these facilities ensure we can effectively support customer demand and respond rapidly to project timelines for all types of installation across regions. So, whether specifying a major new project, or simply refurbishing existing facilities, choose ABB cable tray to deliver the most effective, reliable and long lasting support for your cabling needs.


Main benefits

Extensive product range

  • Available in aluminium or steel
  • Medium duty to ultra heavy duty, to cover all types of installation.
  • Extensive selection of fittings, covers and accessories

Reliable: Cable tray systems open design eliminates moisture buildup and reduces damage to cable insulation during installation.

Adaptable: As new technologies develop or new needs arise, count on full adaptablity from a cable tray system because cables can enter or exit at any point.

Maintain with ease: Because cable tray systems are easy to inspect, maintenance requires less time, and there is less susceptibility to fire loss.

QuickTurn™ prefab fittings save time and money. Cutting fittings for your basket tray installation is labor-intensive and time-consuming. It can also undermine proper…
T&B® cable tray is a cost-effective, reliable and adaptable alternative to conduit systems, where code allows.