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ReliaGear™ Family

ReliaGear power distribution solutions are built and delivered to lower your installed costs and raise your profitability

ReliaGear clearly demonstrates ABB’s focus on delivering technology that lowers installation and maintenance labor. Up and down the product line, ABB has introduced technology that helps make installation and maintenance of gear, panels and breakers easier and safer. We are also investing in a world-class infrastructure for distribution and support to ensure that you never wait on us for today’s job materials. We know time is money – so let ABB and ReliaGear do more work for you.

The smart choice in power distribution for contractors

ReliaGear™ lighting panelboards

ReliaGear™ Lighting Panelboards feature increased breaker density. With the ability to hold up to 5 subfeeds they are the perfect solution to reduce the need for power distribution panels, saving you time and money. The superior Formula A2 and Tmax® XT circuit breakers as mains and sub-feeds in the RQ, RL, RE, RS, and ProStock to experience XTreme performance. ReliaGear lighting panelboards are the safe, smart, and sustainable solution for projects of any size that demand quick delivery, ease of installation, design flexibility, and greater versatility.

Up to 5 sub-feed to reduce the need for power distribution panels

Extruded split neutrals simplify wiring and speed installation

Only four mounting screw are required to mount he interior

Ground base are installable in either top or bottom of the enclosure gutters for ease of accessibility to terminate ground wires

30” wide options for increased access to gutter space

ReliaGear™ neXT power panels
Take power panel innovation to the neXT level.

Ready to dramatically speed up field modifications and eliminate labor-intensive bolt-on components? Then you’re ready for what’s next in power panels: ReliaGear™ neXT from ABB. In our ongoing commitment to offer superior value at every touchpoint, from ordering to installation to maintenance, we’ve combined the best technology of ABB and GE Industrial Solutions to bring you a true breakthrough in plug-in power panels, engineered to dramatically save time, labor and cost while helping to ensure rock-solid reliability.

Plug-in spring loaded breakers that can be installed anywhere in the stack

IP20 standard finger-safe bus stack

Field-reversable bus stack

Field-swappable ground/neutral locations

Single-person single-tool install for popular panelboard sizes

Expanded gutter space

3-minute to assemble internal bus stack

ReliaGear™ SB switchboard
The road to reliability

ReliaGear SB features a safer, more reliable design and groundbreaking Tmax® XT plug-in circuit breakers to dramatically save time, labor, and cost while helping to ensure greater energy efficiency and reliability.

ReliaGear SB switchboards are a safer, smarter, and more sustainable solution for projects of any size.

Electrical Wholesaler's  Top 10 New Product Picks for September, 2020

Plug-in spring loaded breakers that can be installed anywhere in the stack

IP20 standard finger-safe bus stack

Hinged splice plate with captive hardware

Components can be installed in as little as 20 seconds

Remote access to accurate information anywhere, anytime

Angled lifting brackets for fast placement xxx

ReliaGear™ LV MCC

The next level in motor control centers

The ReliaGear LV MCC provides a safer, smarter, and more sustainable means to protect and control motors by featuring Tmax® XT breaker technology, UMC 100.3 motor protection relays, and the ACS580 family of variable frequency drives.

This flagship low voltage motor control center is full featured for any industry need, with up to 3200A bus, across-the-line starters through size 6, and variable speed drives up to 500 HP.

The ReliaGear LV MCC product line features both standard and arc flash mitigation (AFM) units. AFM units, with retractable stabs, are designed to help reduce the likelihood of exposure to electrical shock and the potential of internal arcing faults from occurring during maintenance.

Industry competitive lead times (cycles start at 2-3 weeks and increase based on scope)

Quick ship replacement units available

IS0 9000 factory-built quality enables fast startup

Interconnecting wiring clearly labeled for quick reconnection

Custom shipping splits available up to 60”

Angled lifting brackets on top of the unit

Bus splices clearly marked for quick access

Units are easily relocated for flexibility

Standard units are easily upgradable to AFM unit with retrofit kits

Both standard and custom drawing packages available (4 weeks for approval drawings, quick turnaround on revisions)

Complete set of drawings and installation manual included


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