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Arc Flash Services
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Arc Flash Services

Arc Flash Services

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Arc flash safety

Today’s power system engineer is responsible for ensuring that the facility’s power is distributed efficiently and reliably, while giving the highest consideration to the protection of plant equipment and personnel... all under tight budgetary constraints. ABB offers arc flash solutions to meet all of these challenges.




ABB Arc Flash Safety Services studies your system and tailors the right combination of solutions to mitigate these hazards.

  • Keep incident energy low with sensitive protective settings, fast interruption and fault diversion
  • Deploy advance diagnostics to prevent events, optimize maintenance, and “know before touch”
  • Shield personnel via proper PPE, arc-resistant equipment, barriers, and walls
  • Operate equipment remotely with fast communications and operating and diagnostic software


ABB Advantage

ABB Industrial Solutions offers an intelligent combination of products and services that mitigate arc flash hazards based on your unique system needs.  Our turnkey solutions are designed to:

  • Prevent arc flash incidents
  • Decrease arc flash incident energy
  • Protect new and existing equipment
  • Protect plant personnel
  • Reduce downtime


Through continuous research, product development, technical publications and industry support, ABB helps lead the way in arc flash hazard reduction by:

  • Continuously conducting field services to address concerns that relate to arc flash  protection
  • Investing in research and development of products that help reduce the risks of arc flash
  • Supporting industry-wide efforts, such as our sponsorship and participation in Plant Engineering’s Arc Flash University and IEEE events
  • Offering training on NFPA70E  and Electrical Safety



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