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Tech Tuesday Webinar Series
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Technical Tuesday Webinar Series

Tech Tuesday Webinar Series

Technical Tuesdays are a remote learning, professional development hour (PDH) eligible, opportunity via live online webinars from ABB subject matter experts. Register just once for access to the entire series live or on-demand at your convenience.

Timing: Live session every other Tuesday at 2:00 pm Eastern
Format: 1-hour of presentation followed by Q&A with downloadable PDH certificate

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Upcoming Sessions and Presenters:

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What to Expect?

February 2
@ 2pm ET
  MODERNIZATION: Digital Switchgear   Natalie Silva   Digital switchgear can increase efficiency, improve safety and reliability and reduce cost of ownership. We’ll explore how ABB’s Digital solutions deliver operational efficiencies and predictive diagnostics to modernize your facility.
February 16
@ 2pm ET
  RELIABILTY: Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)   Arney Kaner   With a rich history of more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, ABB has one of the most extensive primary and secondary gas insulated switchgear (GIS) offerings. In this session, subject matter expert, Arney Kaner, will cover the unparalleled safety, reliability and longevity of ABB’s GIS for a variety of applications.
March 2
@ 2pm ET
  SUSTAINABILITY: Softstarter Selection and Small Power Transformers   Bill Hilliard and Ari Guillerian   Help reduce motor wear, improve the reliability of your operations, and save energy and money. Learn how to select the right softstarter for your application to reduce the stress of in-rush current on your motors and downstream equipment.
March 16
@ 2pm ET
  SAFETY: Layout Considerations for Arc Resistant Switchgear   Arney Kaner and Terry Neighbours   Prevention through design builds safety into electrical distribution systems at the earliest stages.  Because safety starts with good design, this webinar will highlight critical layout considerations when specifying arc resistant switchgear. We will also touch on a legal importance of specifying equipment in compliance with ANSI C37.20.7.
March 30
@ 2pm ET
  MODERNIZATION: Life Extension & Upgrade Solutions   Justin Jones   A discussion on roadmap considerations and options to expand or extend the life of your electrical equipment.
April 13
@ 2pm ET
  RELIABILITY: LV Selective Coordination   Bob Hansen   Selective coordination of overcurrent protective devices increases system reliability and is required by the National Electrical Code for several system types.  This session will review and explain the key selectivity requirements appearing in the NEC, provide suggestions for specifying selective coordination,  and address common questions related to coordinating circuit breakers.
April 27
@ 2pm ET
  SUSTAINABILITY: Size and Select LV Breaker Switches for Energy Storage Solutions   Oscar Moreno and Allen Austin   With the diversification of power generation from alternate sources, the need for flexible and reliable grid systems is becoming more important than ever before. Learn how to simplify your design of energy storage solutions with a comprehensive offering of low voltage circuit breakers and disconnect switches for both DC and AC applications.
May 11
@ 2pm ET
  SAFETY: How to properly size and select disconnect switches for UL508 and UL98 applications   Oscar Moreno   Disconnect switches are not all equal. While the need for switching power on and off is the same across the industry, the required solutions are quite different, and misinterpretation of the technical requirements can result in unnecessary costs added to electrical panels. Understanding the differences between UL508 and UL98 requirements will allow you to stay competitive and deliver the right technical solution.
May 25
@ 2pm ET
  SUSTAINABILITY: Designing a new pit stop: best practices for high power, high service EV charging sites   Rick Jennings and Steve Bloch   With the high uptake in EV adoption, public fast charging sites must accommodate many vehicles with the most convenience to the customer. Great charging sites are usually those that have been well planned with a lot of built in experience and technical expertise. This webinar will focus on high power public charging sites and the critical factors for designing an optimal experience for drivers, hosts and network operators.
June 8
@ 2pm ET
  RELIABILITY: LV Circuit Breakers: Tmax and Emax Breakers   Will Thompson   Leveraging commonality across designs leads to improved efficiencies and reduced cost but can impact flexibility. ABB has developed new lines of globally rated Low Voltage Circuit Breakers that utilize the most functionally advanced electronic trip units across the entire range breakers. We will examine these new lines of breakers and how commonality in their design can lead to one of the most flexible and reliable low voltage distribution systems.
June 22
@ 2pm ET
  ReliaGear SB Switchboard   Derek Leitzke   With decades of switchboard experience, ABB’s new ReliaGear SB switchboards bring together a plug-in distribution solution with design commonality between power and molded-case circuit breakers. We will explore how this leads to greater flexibility and reliability in today’s low voltage distribution system.


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Meet your Technical Tuesday Series Moderator 

Phillip Carter -Training Program Manager for the ABB Electrification Customer Experience  
Phillip Carter is Training Program Manager for the ABB Electrification Customer Experience Team.  Following a tour of duty with the US Marine Corps, he spent 20 years as a medical service engineer with GE Medical Systems and Philips.  Next came 10 years of teaching all levels of mathematics in public high school before joining ABB as a Senior Technical Trainer in 2015.

Phillip has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Memphis and a Master’s in Education from Union University.


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