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Demands on system design are increasing, and you need a way to build both quickly and cost effectively, while meeting expectations for safety, reliability and energy efficiency. Our priority is to help you keep costs down while maximizing your system’s performance. That’s why our products provide features that help you save space, labor, and time.


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Power That Unearths New Space for Mining Operation
Savings with compact MCC.
Reducing MCC panel width gives back up to 10 feet per line for factory floor efficiencies and lower costs
Delivering Cost Saving Across International Standards
Reduced copper cost for MCC panels
Motor control centers share split bus bar for both space and cost savings.



PowerBetter for Panel Builder and OEMs - Industrial Energy Design Solutions


Product Solutions


It’s the components inside our power
panels that help make them safer, simpler and more energy efficient to reduce your inventory and save you time, labor, and, ultimately, cost.
Low Voltage Distribution Equipment

Low voltage equipment carries numerous benefits, including a reduced total system cost, greater flexibility and increased uptime and energy efficiency. But that’s just the beginning.


Medium Voltage Distribution Equipment

From circuit breakers to transformers to switchgear, our medium voltage equipment offers value to panel builders to make your job easier, safer and more efficient.


Arc Flash Hazard Mitigation


Build your equipment with the safety of operators and maintenance personnel in mind.
Your customers don’t want to sacrifice arc flash protection for system reliability–and they don’t have to. There’s a circuit breaker line that does it all.


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