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Aviation is the superhighway of global commerce and communication, and airports are its onramps.

With 3.8 billion travelers in 2022, aviation is a catalyst for economic growth, enabling connectivity with global markets and the rapid movement of goods and people. With demand for travel on the rise and the desire for a seamless passenger experience, increased capacity and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, visions of the airport of the future are becoming reality with the help of private and federal funding.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act provides funding of $25 bn over the next five years for modernizing airport infrastructure. These projects include improving energy efficiency and reducing dependence on the grid, increased capacity and enhanced safety and replacing aging infrastructure with new terminals, runways, concourses, nearby hotels and other related airport infrastructure facilities.

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Funding

A once-in-a-generation investment in America’s transportation network

Airport Terminal $5B
Airport Terminal Program
  • Safe, sustainable and accessible airport terminals and on-airport rail access projects. Projects may also include multimodal development
Air Traffic Facilities $5B
Air Traffic Facilities
  • To reduce our backlog of needed maintenance, updates, upgrades and replacement of critical buildings and equipment needed to operate our nation’s airspace safely
Upgrade aging airport Infrastructure $15B
Upgrade aging airport Infrastructure
  • Improvements related to enhancing airport safety, capacity, security and environmental concerns. Airfield capital improvements or rehabilitation projects for terminals, hangars and nonaviation development
ABB Airports

Connected airport infrastructure

By connecting all of your operational systems to a central digital command center, you have visibility into every aspect of airport operations.


A new world of opportunity for airports

Increased airport capacity and a passenger-centric design come with a new set of challenges, including increased power density and data demands while keeping sustainability at the core of this transformation. These factors are top of mind for airports:

Passenger experience
Passenger experience

Airports are focused on providing a seamless passenger experience from departure to arrival.


Transportation sector to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Resiliency Critical infrastructure such as airports, means zero unplanned downtime.

Critical infrastructure such as airports, means zero unplanned downtime.

Operational efficiency
Operational efficiency

Increased capacity demands operational efficiency with accessible, real-time data for a completely integrated solution.

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ABB collaborates with airport owners, operators, builders and engineers to provide infrastructure solutions that will support your transition to the airport of the future.


Manual and analogical processes, long lag times between resource solicitation and airport response


Focused initiatives to leverage digitalization, optimize flow monitoring and passenger processing


Focused initiatives to leverage digitalization, optimize flow monitoring and passenger processing


Fully connected, proactive and able to adapt to real-time requirements in operations and customer requests

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