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New Product Innovations

Your business is always changing, and so are we. Our new product innovation (NPI) slide decks are available to help you stay abreast of what's new for your business and your customers.


Q1 2023


  • CM-TCN.012 Smart temperature monitoring relay

  • DS201 UL

  • Q-Line series: TH(H)QB-RC (Ring lug)

  • 750kVA LV Dry type transformers

  • REX640

  • CVC-110B MV combination transformer

  • VersaRupter® MV indoor switch

  • ReliaGear™ LV MCC

  • ReliaGear™ busway

  • MV load interrupter switch retrofit

  • Emax 2 retrofill

  • Tmax® XT retrofit kit

  • LV MCC replacement start and feeder units

  • SSC600 and SSC600 SW


1st half of 2022


  • Enclosed Tmax XT5 & XT7 with RELT

  • Tmax XT retrofit kits

  • Manual operators for Tmax XT

  • CR460 series lighting contactors

  • ABB smart safety switch

  • OVRHMSU surge protection device

2nd half of 2022


  • Safety relays with push-in connectors

  • CP-S.1 power supply

  • OVRHR surge protection device

  • Data line surge protection device

  • ReliaGear™ neXT power panelboard

  • PowerMark™ PRO load center

  • Ty-Rap TyGenic Antimicrobial Detectable Cable Ties