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Upgrades, Retrofits & Retrofills
Enhance safety, performance and lifespan of your switchgear

Our upgrade solutions enhance the reliability and extend the operational life of switchgear with minimum investment and downtime. The switchgear frame, bus bars, mechanical structure and power cable remains while replacement or addition is done for the electronic and communication components. Minimum or no change is required on the control system for retrofit of old intelligent switchgear as the system can match the protocols and data mappings used. 

ABB supports customers with:  
•    upgrading obsolete components with latest ABB technology 
•    renewing a system or components while keeping all functionality (i.e. motor controller upgrading) 
•    reusing and refurbishing existing components where viable 
•    upgrading existing old INSUM system to MNS Digital.


Retrofits & Retrofills

Extend the life and performance of your electrical equipment for maximum reliability and up-time

Modernize your medium and low voltage products with the latest retrofit technology, minimize transformation and loss of production time, and reduce investment costs by avoiding design, station cabling and civil works.

With more than 4,900 service solutions available for retrofit needs - including 1,100+ medium-voltage and 3,800+ low voltage solutions, ABB Electrification Service can effectively enhance and extend the life of your equipment with the latest technologies for increased performance, productivity, and sustainability. ABB’s smart retrofit solutions are designed with both mechanics and electronics that fit with the existing solutions on the market, both on ABB and non-ABB installed base.

Replacing old medium and low voltage components with newer versions can be done using our special retrofit kits which enable quick installation without structural modifications to the original compartment.

Modernizing assets through retrofits can be implemented in stages to optimize capital expenditure over time and minimize downtime based on scheduled installations and planned maintenance.


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Digital revolution

Technical revolutions have introduced equipment with increasingly advanced electronics, cloud platforms for managing plant and energy parameters, as well as tools allowing predictive maintenance to be carried out. 

ABB solutions for technological upgrading of electrical distribution systems are easy to apply by allowing the introduction of ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager, and ABB Cloud platform into existing installations, which provides real-time understanding of your energy consumption and identifies areas for improvement.

Key benefits:
  • Extends switchgear operational life 
  • Saves costs and time associated with a switchgear upgrade. Only the system related components are replaced 
  • Minimum or change on DCS is required in old intelligent switchgear retrofit 
  • Achieve continuous operation by avoiding unplanned outages while optimizing operating costs 
  • Lower spare part cost through active product usage
 Key features:  
  • Supports both a complete upgrade as well as a phased upgrade approach 
  • Internal switchgear bus communication is replaced with standard Modbus protocol 
  • Optional addition of sensors helps make the switchgear safer and more reliable


 Upgrade, Retrofit & Retrofill service solutions