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Data Center Solutions

Energy and insight for the data centers of tomorrow.

In the dynamic, fast-paced data center industry, a passion for change is essential. Having been at the forefront of industrial power and automation for over a century, it’s in our DNA. By partnering with us, you can be confident that whatever demands the future brings – from scale to speed to sustainability – we’ll work with you to find the answers and best data center solutions.

You are the expert in your business and we’re here to support you wherever you – or your data center – are in the world.


Trusted. Reliable. Proven.

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Product Solutions

Energy and insight for a sustainable future.

Whether your infrastructure is a single network closet or a hyperscale campus, our solutions will enable flexibility, efficiency and maximum uptime.


Future-proof your operations. Digitalization provides the intelligence to optimize operations and energy efficiencies.


Intelligent product solutions equates to more uptime with asset management to reduce unplanned outages.


Reduce deployment time with pre-engineered, prefabricated and pretested modular solutions.


Enable footprint reductions and integrated technologies that extend the life of your data center.

Personal note

Data Center personal note from Brian Johnson, Harry Handlin and Brian Davis


7x24 2023 Spring Conference, June 4-7, Orlando EC&M Product of the Year Category winner for Power Conditioning Equipment Let us help you #ContractorBetter
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