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Electrifying Data Centers in a safe, smart and sustainable way.

In the dynamic, fast-paced data center industry, a passion for change is essential. Having been at the forefront of industrial power and automation for over a century, it’s in our DNA. By partnering with us, you can be confident that whatever demands the future brings – from scale to speed to sustainability – we’ll work with you to find the answers and best data center solutions.

You are the expert in your business and we’re here to support you wherever you – or your data center – are in the world.

ABB has joined the iMasons Climate Accord

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Energy and insight for a sustainable future.

Whether your infrastructure is a single network closet or a hyperscale campus, our solutions will enable flexibility, efficiency and maximum uptime.


Future-proof your operations. Digitalization provides the intelligence to optimize operations and energy efficiencies.


Intelligent product solutions equates to more uptime with asset management to reduce unplanned outages.


Reduce deployment time with pre-engineered, prefabricated and pretested modular solutions.


Enable footprint reductions and integrated technologies that extend the life of your data center.

Personal note

Data Center personal note from Brian Johnson, Harry Handlin and Brian Davis



Data Center resources

ABB Critical Power Product Guide


Critical Power Product Guide

Learn more about our Zenith T-series Automatic Transfer Switches, MegaFlex UL UPS, TruFit PDU, PowerView Monitoring System, and Cyberex SuperSwitch 4.

#ContractorBetter in 60 seconds: Data Centers


#ContractorBetter in 60 seconds: Data Centers

Got 60 seconds to learn about construction trends in the data center industry?

Article: Mega Project Mania


Mega Project Mania

Over the next few years, massive construction projects valued at more than $500 million in the industrial market may drive some epic electrical construction opportunities.

PowerTour: Customer Witness Test Center


PowerTour Customer Witness Test

A state-of-the-art laboratory, located in Richmond, Virginia, USA, where visitors can witness test the complete operability of a UPS, STS or PDU with other critical power systems such as batteries, output distribution units, wireless data acquisition, and system controls.

Data Center Tech Talk


Upgrade strategies to extend the life of your data center

Make the most of your previous investments by modernizing your existing data center facility! Whether you are considering ways to cost-effectively extend the life of your assets or wanting to upgrade to add the intelligence and automation you require for asset management and predictive maintenance, this course is for you.

Data Center Tech Talk


Keep up with demand with modular, scalable data center solutions

The world runs on data - IDC predicts that worldwide data production will amount to 175 zettabytes by 2025! This data deluge is placing unprecedented demands on the industry to keep up with computing, transmitting, storing, and analyzing large quantities of data in real time. How can you manage this growing demand today while remaining flexible for the future?

BreakMaster V Load Interrupter Switchgear Megaflex EC&M POY Platinum Winner Reduced 4-week lead time of Zenith ATS 30-200A ZTG and ZTSLet us help you #ContractorBetter

Industry insights

ABB Review 01-2024


ABB review: Innovation

This issue of ABB Review includes the annual selection of the innovations that are ready to make the biggest impact this year and beyond.

Industry Update: With Harry Handlin


Industry Update: With Harry Handlin

One of the top trends we continue to follow is AI. Artificial Intelligence will have a significant impact on the data center market, changing the game and revolutionizing its operations and capabilities.

ABB Whitepaper: Microgrid and Battery Energy Storage


Microgrid and Battery Energy Storage

Learn how battery energy storage coupled with renewable generation can enable decarbonization and provide alternative revenue streams for data centers, and see the benefits of moving towards a microgrid-enabled data center comprising of battery energy storage.

ABB Whitepaper: Strategies for updating your legacy data center


Strategies for updating your legacy data center

The current data consumption and processing levels in the world demand the highest level of performance and efficiency from data centers. Legacy data centers, although functional, struggle to keep up with more up-to-date facilities in meeting these demands, while aging facilities have decommissioning looming over their roofs. Explore the options available for extending the life of a data center while boosting performance in a sustainable manner.

ABB Continuous Power in Data Centers


Continuous Power in Data Centers

After the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of digitalization became crystal clear. Modern society and businesses have relied on data centers like never before. This dependence, in addition to the requirement for zero-downtime in data center operations, necessitate that each tiny detail of data center design becomes of the ultimate importance and has to be carefully managed.

Whitepaper: Ten ways to drive up data center efficiency


Ten ways to drive up data center efficiency

New data centers pack higher processing power in a considerably smaller space. However, high-density computing environments can be a huge drain on operating budgets with rising energy demand and power costs. This paper discusses how to make modern data centers more energy efficient by optimizing and realizing true IT and OT efficiency.


Gaining a competitive edge

The data center industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, and with the increasing application of the Internet of Things, this growth is accelerating rapidly. However, the market has not reached its full capacity, and the global rollout of 5G will put the growth of digital data into overdrive. As a result, there will be a growth of colocation and multi-tenant data centers as more and more enterprises increase their need for SaaS and IaaS applications and infrastructure services.

Whitepaper: data center energy efficiency and management


Data Center energy efficiency and management

Having a highly efficient data center is a very demanding task. Two of the main challenges are: building a highly efficient data center, and having the right degree of information coming from measurements to take the correct action. In this paper, we explore ABBs flexible and unique data center solutions.

ABB Data center interactive landscape