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Preventive Maintenance & Outage Support

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There’s no denying that detecting issues before they start causing problems is the most ideal way of increasing the safety and reliability of your assets.

Appropriate and timely preventive maintenance can avert or lower the risk of malfunctioning, failures, and/or shutdowns to limit production downtime, extend the lifetime of your equipment and reduce operational costs.

Our comprehensive preventive maintenance services are designed to take better care of your assets. Be it visual checks, apparatus cleaning, mechanical components lubrication, functional testing or worn parts replacement, ABB has got you covered! What’s more? You can customize service contracts – either monthly, quarterly, annual, and bi-annual maintenance checks – based on your requirements.


How ABB’s preventative maintenance & outage support services can help you
Planned Maintenance Strategy
Planned Maintenance Strategy
Build a robust maintenance & outage plan basis current plant operation & budget
Reduced Maintenance Costs
Reduced Maintenance Costs
Eliminate production losses & increase revenue by reducing maintenance cost
High-Level Safety
Ensure a high level of personnel safety, security and increased reliability
Factory-Trained Engineers
Get support from factory-trained ABB engineers to reduce planned downtime
Optimum Performance
Maintain peak optimum performance during asset lifecycle and usage



Helping a leading food & beverage company optimize their operations

See the results below how ABB's Preventive Maintenance & Outage Support services helped a leading food & beverage company achieve significant productivity improvement and cost reduction.

Average savings
Average saving up to USD 300k per site, per year on electrical energy assessments
Decreased electrical system changeover and downtime
A decrease in electrical system changeover and downtime by 40-50%
Increased food safety
Increased food safety, reduced product contamination, and safer workplace
Extended life of your electrical system
An extension in the life of your electrical system by up to 300%



Partner with ABB to perform the right maintenance at the right time!

ABB’s dedicated Preventive Maintenance team has industry-leading knowledge and experience needed to help fix problems before they occur, both on and offsite. With regionally based Field Service Engineers and multiple service centers located across North America, we are always nearby and ready to deal with any potential equipment failure.

Our main goal is for you to leave all your asset maintenance worries aside, so that you can be rest assured, and sleep peacefully.

Book a preventative maintenance assessment today and take a step closer to optimizing your operations with ABB.


Book a preventative maintenance assessment today!


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