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Life-cycle Management
ABB’s products undergo continuous improvement. We are transparent about our products' life cycle and support our customers in managing a smooth transition through the different life cycle stages.

Life-cycle management (LCM) is the process that enables ABB to innovate and manage the products and related services throughout the entire business life cycle. Through the LCM process, we manage the entire life cycle of a product from its conception, through design and manufacture to service.


Life Cycle Management


Active Phase
Classic Phase
Limited Phase
Obsolete Phase


  • Available for sales.

  • Full manufacturing.

  • Actively promoted in assigned counties.

  • Available to all (authorized) customers.

  • Full technical and customer support available.

  • Periodically enhanced through R&D and product improvements.

  • Full availability of all spare parts.

  • Extended warranty available for application.



  • Product is still available, but not extensively promoted
    (a substitution product will be identified with cross-​reference in most cases).

  • Product’s ownership moves to ABB Service team for support (not applicable to all products).

  • No further enhancements and developments.

  • Spare parts fully available.

  • There may be increases in price and/or lead-​times.



  • Product is no longer actively promoted by the sales force.

  • Service support is ensured, including retrofit kits, spare parts and accessories.

  • Product is no longer manufactured or limited production might be available.

  • There may be increases in price and/or lead-​times.

  • Life extension solutions may be available under “Customer Support Agreement”.



  • Product is withdrawn from sales.

  • No longer manufactured as a complete product.

  • Retrofit kits, where applicable, are available for most applications.

  • Spare parts availability may diminish over time with decrease in production volumes.



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