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ZB30 Series - Bypass Isolation - Previous Generation ATS

Publications are provided for previous generation products − see publications list on the right side of the page.


  • ZB3ST - Standard (Open) Transition
    The Zenith ZB3ST Bypass/Isolation transfer switch is used in general and mixed load applications.
  • ZB3DT - Delayed Transition
    The Zenith ZB3DT Bypass/Isolation transfer switch has an adjustable time delay in the centered "off" position. This delay allows motor loads to coast down and transformer field to decay; ensuring inductive loads are re-energized after transfer with only normal inrush starting currents.
  • ZB3CT - Closed Transition
    The Zenith ZB3CT Bypass/Isolation transfer switch is used in critical/life safety applications where a "no break" transfer is desired during periodic testing and maintenance.

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