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ZTSMV - Medium Voltage 5-15kV Class

The Zenith ZTSMV Series of transfer switches are built for business and industrial critical applications requiring the reliability and enhanced operation in a 5-15kV class design.

The ZTSMV Series uses the MX250 microprocessor control system, which includes features specified for use in business and industrial critical medium voltage applications. It also provides an intuitive user interface, communications capability and self diagnostics.

The ZTSMV Series is available with an extensive list of options, features and ratings.

Features & Benefits

  • Front and rear accessible
  • Vacuum circuit breaker design
  • Electrically interlocked for secure operation
  • Overcurrent protection on the generator source breaker
  • Compliance with ANSI/EEE spec C37
  • Drawout P.T. trunnion design on utility to facilitate removal of control fuses from rear of cabinet
  • Control module isolated from power section
  • Control module 25 provided for use with generator as an alternate source
  • Control circuit disconnect switch

Product Scope

ZTS Series, MV

  • Rated voltage 5kV
  • System voltage 2.4 or 5kV
  • Rated current 600 amp
  • Interrupting current 16,000 amp
  • Making current 31,500 amp
  • Short Time Current 12,500 amp
  • MVA 100
  • Transfer time 6 cycles
  • Switching life 10,000/10,000 OP (load/no load)

ZTS Series, MVD

  • Rated voltage 5kV, 15kV
  • System voltage 2.4-5kV 7.2-15kV
  • Rated current 1200-3000 amp
  • Interrupting and withstand current 25,000-49,000 amp 25,000-48,000 amp
  • MVA 250-350 500-1000
  • Transfer time 6 cycles
  • Switching life 2000/10,000 OP (load/no load)

Service Offering

  • 75 Factory-Direct Power Quality field service engineers
  • Over 150 Factory Authorized Service Centers throughout North America and International
  • Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Project Management
  • Retrofit, upgrades, and preventative maintenance
  • Toll-Free 7x24 Customer Service call center @ 1-800-637-1738
  • Replacement parts, extended warranty and full-coverage service contracts