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Pos-E-Kon Multi-pin Rectangular Connectors

Pos-E-Kon® DIN-standard rectangular pin and sleeve connectors are modular for easy assembly at the customer site.


Easy access: Allow for easy access in panels, machinery and enclosures.

Connectors: Sealed connector with quick disconnect handles.

Specifications: Built to DIN specifications.


  • A Series 16 Amps 600VAC
  • B Series 16 Amps 600VAC
  • C Series 35 Amps 600VAC
  • D Series 10 Amps 600VAC
  • DD Series 10 Amps 600VAC
  • K Series 80 + 16 Amps 600VAC
  • T Series 16 Amps 600VAC
  • V Series 16 Amps 600VAC