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envisage Energy Management System

envisage opens up a virtual window to analyze and control your facility's real-time energy usage – onsite, through a web browser or mobile device.

To manage rising energy costs and the constant demand to keep mission-critical systems operating efficiently, we re-imagined the traditional energy management system (EMS). envisage offers the most comprehensive, customizable software solution from the most responsive and experienced services resource team anywhere.


System Approach

The complete envisage solution offers a choice of four customizable modules that can be standardized:

envisage Monitoring
The envisage Monitoring module displays real-time power and demand data from remote intelligent energy devices as well as facility-wide infrastructure systems.

envisage Power Analytics
The envisage Power Analytics module remotely captures disturbances on the electrical network such as total harmonic distortion, individual harmonic distortion, and sub-cycle transients.

envisage Energy Tracker
The envisage Energy Tracker module is an essential tool for managing energy usage and identifying areas for cost savings. The Energy Tracker module aggregates energy data to create individual energy reports and bills for a variety of groupings.

envisage Control & Automation
The envisage Control & Automation module executes energy management strategies by automating loadshedding schemes to minimize energy charges.

envisage can communicate with a wide number of GE and non-GE devices, including meters, trip units, generators, transformers, drives, and switches, as well networked systems such as HVAC and security. 

Key Features

enviage Monitoring 
  • Unlimited devices 
  • Intelligent energy devices 
  • Building management devices 
  • Web access and mobile app 
 envisage Power Analytics 
  • Waveform capture and analysis 
  • Sophisticated analysis of multiple devices to pinpoint problems 
  • Identify necessary power quality improvements 
envisage Energy Tracker 
  • Total energy and peak demand 
  • Coincident demand reporting 
  • Energy profiling, load analysis reports 
  • Virtual metering
  • Custom rate structures available
 envisage Control & Automation 
  • Open/close breakers remotely to eliminate arc flash hazard 
  • Automatically manage loads 
  • Compatible with the latest cyber-security initiatives 
  • Shut down unnecessary systems during peak usage to avoid penalty  
envisage diagram


Our Advantage

Our system approach combines local field engineering and design center expertise with an enhanced software offering: 

  • Agnostic to manufacturer of electrical equipment 
  • Compatible with Cimplicity 
  • Proficy supports >100 different protocols 
  • Web access – computer and mobile application 
  • Unlimited devices 
  • Scalable – adapts easily to changes in facility 
  • System is expandable for monitoring WAGES (water, air, gas, electricity, and steam) 
  • Rapid development and deployment services 
  • Energy aggregation module helps to achieve LEED certification 
  • Proper installation and commissioning services 
  • "Cradle-to-grave" lifecycle support from the Pittsburgh design team and Local Field Service engineers


The team provides complete integration service capabilities, along with software and hardware components, for every phase of the project and ongoing support. We can fulfill the entire project scope including software, network switches, PLCs, engineering and installation services, connection diagrams, conduit schedules, and onsite startup.

A complete Energy Management System includes all of the specific needs for your facility: 

Energy Management Evaluation 
  • Consultation on energy management system requirements of the site
Project Management 
  • Drive project delivery schedule 
  • Ensure all system requirements met
  • Implement software configuration and customization 
System Hardware 
  • Computer, monitor, meters, relays, Ethernet switches, and communication converters
  • envisage Integrator (OPC/DDE server)
  • Proficy Cimplicity HMI software package