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Test Switches & Accessories

FT Flexitest test switches

The FT Flexitest™ family of test switches is designed and manufactured to allow quick and easy multi-circuit testing of switchboard relays, meters and instruments by any conventional system.

FT Flexitest test switches and related test plugs have the features necessary for applications involving the measurement of individual currents and voltages associated with substation instrumentation and protection devices. They have been especially designed for the measurement of potential elements, current elements, and make-before-break short-circuit elements related to current Transformer (CT) circuits.

For applications using Rogowski coil current sensors and voltage sensors, the FT-14D is an innovative test switch that incorporates a passive electronic module on the rear with RJ45 connections to the relays and sensors. The FT-14D is designed with the same front interface as the standard Flexitest Switch.

FT Flexitest™ family of test switches

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Features and benefits

  • Possible to test components and circuits without disconnecting existing wiring
  • Standard screw type terminals (optionally stud and nut)
  • Secure testing with good isolation between the terminals

FT Flexitest offering