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Railway Modules

Outdoor compact substation module for railway applications'

Single- or two-phase outdoor module with vacuum breaker for AC railway power supply up to 27. 5 kV, 2000 A, 50/60 Hz.


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The module is a factory assembled frame fitted with FSK II breakers, a motor-operated disconnect function and hand-operated earthing switches. As core component, a vacuum breaker especially designed to meet the requirements of all electric railway network using a single-/two-phase system, fits the module.

Why ABB for Railway Modules?

  • Optimized lead time, simple logistics and low transport cost
  • Simple and quick installation and commissioning on site with reduced wiring work on site
  • Reduction of downtime and minimal disruption of revenue service
  • Mitigation of risks due to delays and errors, simplified overall planning and project duration
  • Significant land savings and less civil works