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Limitamp MV - Previous Generation MCC

The Limitamp medium voltage motor control center (MCC) has moved to ABB Electrification Services as part of product life cycle management, where the installed base will continue to be supported.

ABB medium voltage MCCs are designed to provide decades of service in a wide variety of applications. During the equipment’s lifespan, a customer may modify or expand facilities, requiring a need to change contactors, purchase a contactor conversion kit, or upgrade complete sections with new protection and control relays. Customers may also want to add individual sections or complete lineups of three to four sections that are complementary to existing installations, continuing with the same proven technology, and knowing ABB can support aftermarket needs. 

The Limitamp motor control center provides an economical means of centralizing motor starters and related control equipment. It permits motor control starters, feeders, isolator switches, distribution transformers, interlocking relays, programmable control, metering, and other miscellaneous devices to be obtained in a single floor-mounted structural assembly fed from a common enclosed main bus.

Typical applications are in paper, steel, cement, rubber, mining, petroleum, chemical, and utility-type industries. Limitamp control is also used in water and sewage plants and public buildings for air conditioning, pumps and compressors.

Features & Benefits

  • Visible blade disconnect switch
  • Proven, high reliability vacuum contactors (2 million operations)
  • Transition to ABB switchgear available
  • Quick-make / quick-break disconnect switch
  • Modular, flexible enclosure construction
  • Extensive protective relays from GE Multilin, SEL, and ABB Relion
  • Epoxy insulated bus available
  • Drawout and stationary contactors
  • 1 high and 2 high arrangements
  • UL / cUL available on most units
  • Large isolated low voltage compartment
  • No rear access required except for 3000A
  • Matching line-up with all existing Limitamp installed equipment
  • Construction Options:
        - Main bus: 1200A, 2000A, 3000A
        - System voltages: 2400V, 3300V, 3600V, 4160V, 4800V, 6600V, 7200V
        - Contactor sizes: 400A, 800A (FVNR and FDR in 48" section)
        - Enclosure types: NEMA 1, 1A, 12
        - Bus bracing: 50 kA symmetrical
        - 22”, 32”, 36”, 38”, 40” & 48” width 1-high bolted sections
        - 36” and 48” width 2-high bolted sections:
              - Bus bracing: 50 kA symmetrical
        - Splice on sections:  Switchgear, load interrupter switchgear, Limitamp MCC, etc.
        - Cable-in / Cable-out sections
        - New lineups to support customers with existing installed base

  • Controller Types:  FVNR, FDR, FVR, MVSS, SYNC, INC, LBS and PFC 
  • Dependable performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Cycle time to support your needs
  • All aftermarket parts
  • All existing contactors:  193B/C/D/E/V/W