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PowerView Monitoring System

Powerview Monitoring System

Understanding load profiles is the key to proactively managing your data center distribution system and avoiding unnecessary downtime. The innovative design of the PowerView module provides the flexibility to support both basic metering and monitoring requirements, as well as more comprehensive system monitoring requirements through two offering tiers, PowerView Core and PowerView Pro.

ABB’s PowerView Core provides customized circuit monitoring software that is configurable with multiple levels of warnings to provides managers with the ability to implement more urgent processes at different thresholds to avoid load drops. 

ABB’s PowerView Pro monitoring system offers advanced analytics such as trending, waveform capture, and predictive maintenance notifications via integration with the ABB Ability™ EDCS cloud.

Key features

  • Revenue grade metering accuracy, compliant with ANSI/NEMA C12.1 - 2015
  • Supports additional functional cards for advanced monitoring features such as breaker status or thermal monitoring
  • PDU ground fault interrupt
  • Waveform capture
  • Global time sync via NTP
Improving safety through automated thermal monitoring
  • The Thermocouple Input Board (TIB) for PowerView Pro provides the ability to thermally monitor points of interest within your equipment
  • Eliminate the recurring expenses (labor and time) and risks (required PPE or removal of deadfronts) associated with traditional thermal scanning
  • Proactively identify potential loosening of bolted connections
Ease of configuration
  • User-friendly and intuitive graphical user interface
  • Flexible configuration – by individual circuit or entire panelboard
  • Customizable naming or numbering of main breaker(s), sub-feed breakers, panelboards, or branch circuit breakers
  • Ability to create custom groups of circuits as well as monitor and alarm at the custom group level


  • Provides load management information 
  • User configurable set points 
  • Breaker status monitoring
  • Thermal monitoring


  • Branch circuit management (BCM) 
  • Sub-feed circuit management (SFCM) 
  • Main feed circuit management (MFCM)