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    Switching to ABB

    Coming soon, GE residential electrical products, from load centers to circuit breakers, will be branded ABB. With over 130 years of expertise and innovation, you will get ABB pioneering technology, dedicated resources and GE load center compatibility all in one.

    Get to know ABB

    ABB is investing, growing and serving in the United States

    ABB is a global technology leader in electrification and automation with over 130 years of history, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and serving the electrical needs of America’s residential buildings.

    ABB and GE are not the same

    Most of our residential products have the GE logo because ABB acquired GE's Industrial Solutions business in 2018.

    Since then, ABB has invested millions in 3 major manufacturing sites in North America to increasingly enhance the product offering and meet current and future electrical needs.

    ABB circuit breakers are compatible with GE load centers

    Backward and forward compatibility is something you won’t need to worry about. Using ABB circuit breakers in a GE load center will be UL-approved and pass inspection.

    ABB is also Ty-Rap, Carlon & Steelcity, and GE's Industrial Solutions business.

    ABB has always been around you.

    ABB is also Ty-Rap®, Carlon & Steel City®, and GE's Industrial Solutions business.


    See how our pioneering technology and reliable service have contributed to over 130 years of innovation. Mouse over the timeline image below to zoom.

    Timeline history of ABB
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    Electrify the future of housing

    Click play on the video to find out why you can rely on ABB to help you power your projects forward.

    Enhanced-quality, GE-compatible products

    We offer a reliable range of load centers that enhance the safety and efficiency of your residential buildings.