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UPS Customer Test Center

Provides peace-of-mind for mission critical power system customers

ABB's high-power Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Customer Test Center gives UPS customers the ability to witness important testing of their mission critical facility and data center power systems, helping ensure operational functionality and reliability.




The UPS Customer Test Center, located in Richmond, Virginia, USA is a state-of-the-art laboratory where visitors can witness test the complete operability of a UPS, STS, or PDU with other critical power systems such as batteries, output distribution units, wireless data acquisition, and system controls.

The nearly 8,000 square foot test laboratory, features a multi-level bay construction, including a second-floor mezzanine, that hosts all input and output switchgear. Cabling for each test bay is supported with an overhead cable management system. Each test bay has dedicated junction boxes for all incoming and outgoing connections. Testing is performed with permanently installed batteries, including lithium-ion. Instant access to test data, waveform captures, and summary reports can also be observed.

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Features & Benefits

High-power main service infrastructure

  • Two (2) 2.5MW service entrance transformers and four (4) 2MW resistive load banks.
  • One (1) custom-designed, 4000A main-tie-main service entry switchgear station equipped with ABB Emax2 breakers, including built-in flexibility for future infrastructure expansion.

UPS test center capabilities

  • Infrastructure flexible testing of up to 5 MW.
  • Four (4) 1.6MW test bays capable of testing:
    • Three (3) 1.6MW UPS systems in parallel or standalone
    • Four (4) 1.2MW UPS systems in parallel or standalone

Integrated system testing expertise

  • A dedicated test engineering team capable of testing integrated UPS, STS, and distribution solutions for smooth system integration and transition to onsite infrastructure.
  • UPS eco-mode testing can be performed with a downstream STS to ensure the system performance is tuned to meet the customer's specifications.