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Advanced Services

ABB's Advanced Services evaluate risks and prevent problems in critical sites such as factories, office buildings, and data centers. We provide solutions to help you optimize process reliability and low voltage equipment life.

ABB provides a range of advanced services including:

  • Data backup services - protect data and aid in recovery from possible outages
  • Stored data - adopt a consistent and cost-effective approach to manage how data is backed-up and retained
  • Energy efficiency - software that provides a real-time understanding of your energy consumption and identifies areas for improvement
  • Energy audits - audit and analyze energy-saving potential

Predictive Maintenance
It is essential in today’s world of business to have the ability to predict impending issues with electrical equipment. Waiting for a fault to occur in a breaker or switch and then fixing it is more costly, both in terms of money and downtime. That is why ABB offers software packages for preventive and risk-based maintenance to businesses. This type of maintenance examines the current condition of equipment and uses advanced computer technology to determine what actions should be taken continuously.

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