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Energy storage

With our range of dynamic battery energy storage systems for renewables applications, ABB has developed an effective and efficient approach that enables energy produced from a renewables system to be stored and then used when required.

As a major contribution to achieving stringent environmental targets, our battery systems maximize the efficient use of renewable energy sources by reducing their inherent intermittency, facilitating integration into the grid.




Why energy storage?

Energy storage raises the efficiency of the grid at every level by:

Providing smooth grid integration of renewable energy by reducing variability

Storing renewable generation peaks for use during demand peaks

Flattening demand peaks, thereby reducing stress on grid equipment

Providing infrastructure support as loads increase with electric vehicle use

Decreasing or eliminating the power fees related to short time peak loads

Maintaining generation and demand balance


What are battery energy storage systems?

  • A system to store energy in batteries and use the energy later
  • A typical system is comprised of batteries, a battery management system, an inverter, switchgear, transformer, and a control system
  • Often combined with renewable energy sources to store the renewable energy during peak production time and then use the energy when needed


Where is battery energy storage used?

  • Renewables - ESM aligns solar and wind generation peaks with demand peaks.
  • Utility distribution grid - ESM balances fluctuating demand without oversizing equipment.
  • Industrial loads - ESM provides back up power for critical loads, improves load factor and manages demand peaks
  • Residential and commercial - ESM lowers energy costs and improves load factor and manages demand peaks
  • Electrification of transportation - ESM reduces demand on grid and enables fast DC charging without increasing demand charges



Featured product

ABB Energy Storage Module (ESM)

Energy Storage Module (ESM) for medium voltage grid connection with EcoFlex enclosure

ABB’s EcoFlex energy storage module battery energy storage system enables load shifting in a wide range of renewable power plants.

The enclosures are designed to protect the equipment from external environmental influences and to protect operation personnel.

The different versions of the pre-engineered and industrialized ESM allow scalability, reduction of installation costs, high reliability and reduced project execution times.

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