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Automatic Transfer Switches


TruONE. A critical breakthrough for critical power.
The new TruONE is the world’s first true all-in-one automatic transfer switch, engineered to incorporate switch and controller in one seamless unit. Performance tested beyond standard requirements, TruONEstands ready to ensure the steady delivery of critical power at all times.
Its self-contained design reduces the number of wires and connections, which speeds installation and ensures best-in-class reliability. Its predictive maintenance and modular components reduce downtime and service costs. And its advanced connectivity is ready for the future. In addition, unlike typical ATS solutions, TruONE allows emergency manual operation under load for immediate power restoration in the event of equipment malfunction. 
Easy installation
An open-style TruONE ATS is as simple to install into an enclosure or panel as the lightest existing enclosed ATS solutions are to mount on a wall. Just by lifting a TruONE ATS into an enclosure and fixing four mounting screws to the back-panel, a full-blown ATS is created. The HMI can be accessed without opening the cabinet door by making a cut-out on the door.
Readily available manual operation
TruONE enables manual operation— even under load—without opening the panel door when the HMI is mounted to the ATS frame. The HMI can be detached from the frame for door mounting, offering more flexibility for the panel designer.
Snap-on accessories
TruONE’s accessorizing concept improves the simplicity of the product and provide additional functionalities. All accessories - which are mounted, without tools, as snap-on solutions – are sited within the footprint of the switch frame.
Bring the highest level of convenience, efficiency and critical power security to your product, project or facility.

TruONE is the superior solution for:
  • Genset OEMs
  • Panel builders
  • Consultants and engineers
  • Contractors
  • Facilities managers
TruONE provides superior critical power security for:
  • Hospitals
  • Sports arenas
  • Retail environments
  • High-rise buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Financial environments
  • Data centers


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