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RedDot Weatherproof boxes and covers
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RedDot Weatherproof boxes and covers

Preferred for more than 50 years, Red Dot® weatherproof and conduit body solutions withstand the harshest elements and ensure trouble-free installation and years of superior performance.


Comply with the Latest Codes: "Extra Duty" Weatherproof While-in-Use Covers comply with the latest standards for extra-duty outlet box hoods, now required for any installation other than one- or two-family dwellings.
Reduce Specialized Inventory: Red Dot Weatherproof Covers with universal adapter plates support horizontal and vertical mounting options, thus reducing the need to stock extra inventory.
Wet Location Protection: Dry-tite™ boxes and covers protect wiring devices, switches, electronic components and terminal blocks in dry, damp and wet locations.
Red Dot® boxes are made from durable die-cast aluminum and available in single- and double-gang rectangular as well as round configurations—with a variety of hub sizes to meet all needs.
While-in-use Red Dot® offers a wide variety of both metallic and nonmetallic while-in-use covers. All of these covers help ensure that you meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code®.
Covers Red Dot® die-cast flip-lid weatherproof covers protect any outdoor receptacle from the elements. Constructed from rugged die-cast zinc, these covers will last a lifetime. A full line of non-metallic covers is also available.


  • Weatherproof metallic covers 
  • Weatherproof non-metallic covers 
  • Weatherproof metallic boxes 
  • Weatherproof non-metallic fixtures and boxes 


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