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Boxes & Commercial Fittings

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Commercial Fittings

ABB fittings and cable protection systems, offered under a number of brand names, are made to the highest quality standards and can be developed to meet any customer requirement.

Carlon® offers one of the most complete lines of non-metallic elbows and fittings in the electrical industry, with products designed for use above- and below-ground.
Harnessflex hinged fittings are designed to protect against liquid ingress, excessive cable strain and mechanical abrasion.
Designed to protect against high-pressure washing, excessive cable strain, and mechanical abrasion.
Designed to operate at temperatures up to 200°C, Harnessflex® TempGuard® systems provide a complete high-temperature cable protection solution for the automotive market.
Red Dot® rigid aluminum conduit bodies, gaskets and covers offer a wide selection of junctions for rigid and IMC conduits.
Steel City® fittings, manufactured to strict tolerances for consistent performance, set industry standards for quality and innovation with the most complete product line…
T&B® cord and cable fittings provide high performance, easier installation and a broad product range.
T&B® Liquidtight metallic fittings cover the widest range of trade sizes, application-specific solutions, and ingress protection ratings covering UL, CSA, NEMA and IEC IP…

Floor Boxes

Our Steel City® and Carlon® floor boxes, all made to the most exacting specifications, provide superior quality, aesthetic design and flexibility in a variety of attractive, functional and easily installed floor applications.

Carlon® Floor Boxes offer unique, cost-effective, non-metallic boxes for residential and light-commercial construction, for both concrete slab and wood sub-floor applications…
Steel City® Floor Boxes provide a durable solution for in-floor distribution of power and communications services, with options for any floor type.

Metallic Boxes

Through our Steel City brands, ABB Installation Products provides the industry’s best-designed, highest-quality metal switch and outlet boxes in a vast array of sizes and assemblies and accessories.

Steel City® boxes are protected from rust and corrosion by zinc-galvanizing.

Carlon Non-metallic Boxes & Accessories

Carlon non-metallic boxes are designed for quick and easy installation, code-compliance and durability and come with all the accessories, sizes, enclosures and covers you will ever need.

Ideal for residential, new work projects, Carlon® Blue™ fan-rated ceiling boxes meet latest NEC Code and are rated for a 50 lb. light fixture and 35 lb. ceiling fan.
Carlon's largest and most versatile non-metallic box ever — in single or double-gang designs that work on wood or steel studs; in new or old work; with simple, fast…
Carlon® ENT is a light, flexible and strong non-metallic raceway system for use in walls, floors and non-plenum ceilings.
Rugged Carlon® junction boxes and NEMA enclosures offer all the corrosion resistance and physical properties you need for applications ranging from the industrial floor to…

Weatherproof Boxes

Red Dot and Carlon weatherproof boxes, covers and lighting solutions withstand the harshest elements and ensure trouble-free installation and performance.

Preferred for more than 50 years, Red Dot® weatherproof and conduit body solutions withstand the harshest elements and ensure trouble-free installation and years of superior…