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Deltec Long-life Cable Tie Support Systems

Heavy-duty cable straps and accessories

Strap on reel and reel kits, double locking heads & pre-assembled Deltec® cable ties

Customized fastening in telecom and harsh outdoor environments

  • Select and customize the strap length for any application
  • Total flexibility and no waste: cut at the desired length
  • Easy to store: reduced inventory
  • Safe and easy to install with a guaranteed weatherable life
  • Corrosive and harsh environmental protection

Lost-time accidents and downtime are often the results of using traditional metal bundling and support systems for high-strength and harsh environment applications. Metal support systems can be both difficult and dangerous to install. They can also nick or cut through cable insulation. Insulation failures lead to dangerous and costly situations. There are few options outside of traditional metal for bundling and supporting cable that will withstand the harshest of environments and offer extended outdoor life.

In response to the demand for a better solution, ABB engineers developed the Deltec® cable support system. This system is safe and easy to install with a guaranteed weatherable life, even at temperatures as low as -65°C (85°F)

A three-piece, three-material engineered design provides the ideal solution for bundling in harsh outdoor environments. The Deltec® system combines the strength and rigidity of an injection-molded head with marine-grade copper barbs and a soft, pliable, stress-resistant, extruded body. The unique multi-piece design with separate head and strapping also allows installers to select and customize the strap length for any application.

The system provides the ultimate in cable support and management for demanding applications and markets including:

  • Cable strapping and bundling on utility poles
  • Next to conveyors to funnel cables to motors, equipment, and lights
  • For wire and harness bundling on large equipment
  • To hold solar panels in place or run cables behind the panels
  • To lash and bundle cables in wind turbines
  • For cable management and support on docks, piers, and pilings
  • For bundling and lashing hoses and wiring on irrigation systems and farm equipment
  • Pipeline cabling support system
  • Outdoor bundling of cable and fiber optics in cable tray

Deltec offers:

Corrosive & harsh environmental protection

  • Designed to perform a minimum of 20 years outdoors
  • Continuous use temperature: -65°C to 90° C (-85°F to 194°F )
  • Installation temperature range: -34°C to 66°C  (-30°F to 150°F)
  • Minimum tensile strength: 250 lbs. (1,211 N)
  • Continuous load: 20 lbs. (9.07 kg)
  • Rodents and other pests won’t eat it
  • Locking Device: marine-grade corrosion-resistant copper alloy
  • Strap and Body: weatherable acetal; offers superior resistance to sunlight, moisture, and salt environments

Total project cost reduction & safe installation

  • No sharp edges compared to a metallic cable support system
  • Perfect for coaxial, fiber optic, and all other communication and electrical conducting cable
  • Total flexibility in length when using reel
  • Extruded body provides total flexibility in length from 10" to 5,000 feet