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Ty-Rap TyGenic Antimicrobial Detectable Cable Ties

Ty-Rap TyGenic Antimicrobial Detectable Cable Ties

In response to the needs of customers in food and beverage processing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and other contamination-sensitive industries, ABB introduces the industry’s first two-piece cable tie that is both antimicrobial and detectable.

The Ty-Rap® TyGenic™ antimicrobial detectable cable tie is molded from an FDA-compliant proprietary nylon resin blend that contains both an EPA-registered antimicrobial additive and detectable particles. The antimicrobial additive is effective against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms, including various bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi, such as mold and mildew.

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Features & Benefits

  • The industry’s first cable tie that inhibits microbial growth while also delivering x-ray, metal, and visual detectability
  • Provides a surface on which microbes cannot adhere and replicate
  • Proven to be more than 99% effective in prohibiting common surface microbes from forming on the cable tie as tested by an independent laboratory
  • Made from an FDA and EU food contact-approved, halogen-free nylon 6.6 (polyamide) resin blend
  • UL recognized and RoHS compliant
  • Deep blue color for easy visual detection — easily distinguishable from the lighter blue color of standard Ty-Rap detectable cable ties
  • Offers all the superior-performance advantages of standard Ty-Rap® cable ties including “The Grip of Steel®” stainless steel locking device
  • Designed with UV-resistant material for operating temperatures up to 85 °C (185 °F)
  • Available in four sizes
  • Patent pending


  • Food and beverage processing
  • Food preparation and food service
  • Hospital and other healthcare facilities
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Chemical and compounds manufacturing
  • Cosmetics manufacturing
  • Tire and airbag manufacturing
  • Other contamination-sensitive industries

Note: Ty-Rap TyGenic™ antimicrobial detectable cable ties provide no antimicrobial inhibitory activity beyond the protection of the cable ties themselves. They do not provide protection against specific pathogenic organisms, nor do they prevent the growth of bacteria on adjacent or nearby surfaces. The antimicrobial efficacy of the material is designed to last for the life of the cable tie under normal use conditions.