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Gerapid high speed DC circuit breakers are single-pole circuit breakers designed for use in high energy, high reliability, DC power distribution systems. They are suitable for protecting mains and semiconductors (converters/rectifiers) in the metals industry and in railway and other industrial applications. Feeder circuit breakers and rectifier circuit breakers are available with operating currents up to 8,000 ADC and operating voltages up to 3600 VDC. They have a very high interruption capacity combined with a current limiting characteristic.


Innovative materials, superior circuit breaking capacity and outstanding dielectric performance help ensure service continuity and protection during adverse system events. The technology and quality of these circuit breakers result in high reliability, extended maintenance intervals, and uncomplicated serviceability for all fixed installations.

A wide range of fully accessorized rectifier and feeder circuit breakers are available. All comply with IEC 60947-2 and ANSI C37.14.

Features and Benefits

  • Ratings up to 8000A and 3600 Vdc (800 Vdc, ANSI)
  • IEC 60947-2, EN50123-2, and ANSI C37.14 Certifications
  • Solenoid drive (integral control unit, mechanically latched, no auxiliary power required to keep contacts closed)
  • Available electrodynamic release for very high speed switching
  • Two-stage contact system helps extend life of main contacts
  • Compact, enclosed construction
  • Full range of accessories, including up to 10 auxiliary contacts


  • Industrial plant protection (electrolysis plants, iron and steel mills, etc.)
  • Traction power (light rail transit, tram, subway, maglev, etc.)
  • Mining
  • Chemical, petrochemical
  • Power generation
  • Research/experimental (e.g., physics, particle accelerator protection)



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