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Gerapid DC OEM Module

To compliment ABB's Gerapid High-Speed DC circuit breaker, we are now pleased to offer UL Recognized OEM Switchgear Modules and drawout Trolleys.

Modules come factory assembled, and can be used to form lineups of DC switchgear. The OEM provides required bussing, wiring, controls and covers necessary to complete the switchgear. The Trolley is designed to accept Gerapid DC breakers, interface with the OEM Module and includes pre-wired secondary control harness and required interlocking.

Features and benefits


  • NEMA 1, zinc-plated bolted steel frame construction
    - 26” W x 87” H x 59” D
    - Optional 71” depth, for extra bus and cable space
    - Rated for 800VDC, 200kA peak withstand

  • Copper stationary primary stabs available for 2500A thru 6000A
  • Side-covers and doors painted ANSI Grey
  • Insulated safety shutters with padlock provisions
  • Secondary control compartment with hinged, padlockable door
    - 21.5” H x 22.8” W x 8.6” D

  • Breaker secondary control wiring harness and plug included
  • Designed to meet ANSI C37.20.1 requirements
  • UL Recognized

Trolley - Designed for use with Gerapid OEM Modules:

  • Complete drawout trolley for Gerapid UL Listed 2508, 4008, 5008 and 6008 breakers
  • Breaker secondary control wiring harness and socket included
  • Breaker compartment door is hinged and fixed to trolley structure (dead front)
  • Trolley front cover (door) has inspection window to view breaker position indicator and operations counter
  • Trolley is grounded in all positions
  • Designed to meet ANSI C37.20.1 and C37.14 interlocking and other requirements
  • Standard manual racking drive
  • Optional motor drive racking, 230VAC/60HZ
  • UL Recognized

OEM Benefits:

  • Simplified OEM Modules (substructures)
  • Complete drawout DC breaker solution
  • Trolleys and Modules are UL recognized
  • Outlines available in PDF and as AutoCAD templates for OEMs
  • All breaker controls prewired to secondary control disconnect
  • ANSI C37.20.1 and C37.14 required interlocking included
  • Accessories available, including various covers and hardware kits