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SACE® Emax 2 Remote Racking Device

Increasing safety for our personnel with our SACE® Emax2 Remote racking device (RRD)

Available for E2.2, E4.2 and E6.2 sizes, the Emax2 RRD operates the circuit breakers without being in front of the gear. The device only works with the circuit breaker in the open position and with the springs discharged. During the rack-in operations of the circuit-breaker, the RRD prevents risk of injuries due to possible electric arc.

The remote racking devices for switchgear and control gear have been investigated by UL in accordance with the Standard(s) UL 2876 and CSA-C22.2 No. 14.


  • Improves employee safety against electrical arcs thanks to the long distance between the circuit breaker and the operator
  • One single device for all the Emax 2 circuit breakers
  • Easy installation thanks to the ergonomic handle to mount and to remove the device from the circuit breaker
  • All operating positions can be reached: Connected/Test position/Disconnected
  • Immediate visual verification of the circuit breaker position, thanks to the 3 LEDs available both on the device and on the remote control
  • Possibility to interrupt the operation in any moment thanks to the emergency pushbutton on the remote control
  • Easy of storage thanks to the dedicated carrying case.