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Color-Keyed Compression Lugs

Color Keyed® is a system solution designed to meet the most stringent UL & IEC Class A testing requirements.

Our Color-Keyed® lugs are made of 99.9% pure, oxygen-free copper. The Color-Keyed® color-coded crimping system assures the right die is used with the right lug resulting in an accurate, reliable crimp. Color-Keyed® dies are designed to produce a circumferential, hex- or diamond-shaped compression rather than a simple indent resulting in assured high conductivity, exceeding IEC 61238-1 and UL standards. Circumferential compression creates large area of high pressure contact between cable and connector which in turn results in low resistance and high pull-out values.

New ABB Lug Express Program


IEC Metric Information

  • Straight 1 hole / 2 hole : wire sizes from 10mm² - 400mm² with metric bolt hole from M5 to M24
  • 45°: Wire sizes from 10mm² - 240mm² with metric bolt hole from M6 to M16
  • 90°: Wire sizes from 10mm² - 240mm² with metric bolt hole from M6 to M16

UL Information

  • Copper tin plated AWG compression lug for power cables rated voltage up to 35kV with high-voltage insulation. From #8 Str. to 1000 kcmil
  • Designed for AWG stranded, flexible cable, welding cable, and portable chord
  • Hole inspection to ease installation control
  • Chamfer barrel to assist installation work
  • Made of high-conductivity seamless copper tubing. Surface: tin plated
  • Certification: UL, CSA listed for AWG conductors