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M Mini Contactor Relays

M mini contactor relays - High performance in small dimensions.

The M mini contactors range is a performance and dimension optimized solution. High reliability, even in extreme conditions, combined with small dimensions and safe connections that help lead to easy design and compact panels.


  • High performances even when installed side by side
  • Wide set of coils available
  • Up to 6 auxiliary contacts can be mounted
  • Fast operation


  • Up to 6 A - 240 V AC-15, 5 A - 24V DC-13 and 10 A (600 V AC) - general use
  • 2 terminal types available: screw and screw for ring tong ferrules 
  • Standard DC versions with extended operating limits coils
  • Complete range of accessories including front or side mounting auxiliary contact blocks, surge suppressors and electronic timers