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Ekip UP+

ABB Ekip UP+
Capture data that your electrical distribution system is already gathering—and put it to use to increase reliability, lower maintenance costs, and boost efficiency.

Ekip UP+ is a multifunction relay that allows you to monitor, protect and control your electrical distribution assets. Its plug-and-play design and flexibility make it easy to realize the value of the ever-growing flow of device-level data, and its modular design allows users to configure a system that is tailored to their specific requirements.

In the last ten years, more than 50m air circuit breakers and 300m molded case circuit breakers (all brands) have been installed worldwide without advanced features for monitoring or resources optimization. Ekip UP+ is the best way to add these capabilities and leverage device-level data to lower maintenance costs, minimize downtime and take advantage of opportunities like demand response programs.

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Our Offering

Ekip UP+ is available as a set of functional modules—select just the capabilities you need with the ability to easily add more later.


Observe plant performance from any web-connected device. See real-time data for current, voltage and power as well as power quality measures. Data sharing via common protocols.


Load and generations management with optional protection capabilities. Ideal for demand response and microgrid control applications.


Choose from a comprehensive list of ANSI protections for power distribution and generation assets.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • All-in-one platform integrates advanced functionalities into switchgear
  • DIN-rail and door-mounted options in the same unit
  • Fully redundant breaker protection schemes
  • Conforms to UL 508, CSA C22.2 No. 14-13 - "Standard for Industrial Control Equipment" and IEC 60255 - “Measuring relays and protection equipment” and
  • Optional modules for communication gateway, synchrocheck and embedded or external I/O modules
  • Compatible with all switching devices from all manufacturers
  • Makes system data available to all users and other applications via cloud-connected ABB Ability™ platform


  • Add advanced monitoring, control and protection functionality to legacy equipment at a fraction of the cost of device replacements
  • 40% operational cost saving on retrofits of existing switchgear via energy management system and predictive maintenance
  • 50% time saving when retrofitting,  with reduced impact on switchboard design
  • Enable participation in demand response programs