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Fisher Pierce Fault Circuit Indicators
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Fisher Pierce Fault Circuit Indicators

Fault circuit indicators reduce outage duration by quickly pinpointing the location of faults.
Fisher Pierce® has a line of cable-mount and test-point mounted faulted circuit indicators, voltage indicators and phase indicators. Fisher Pierce has the right fault-indication solution to meet your system’s performance needs. 


Benefits & News

  • Full range of faulted circuit indicators, including test point, overhead and underground
  • Designed for easy and accurate installation from small to large cable sizes
  • Multiple trip schemes including adaptive trip logic to coordinate with system equipment and prevent false trips
  • Designed to handle future load growth and temporary overloading conditions



  • Clamp-type faulted circuit indicators
  • Overhead faulted circuit indicators
  • Underground faulted circuit indicators
  • Cellular RTUs and receivers
  • Test point indicators
  • Current sensors


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