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Hi-Tech Valiant Full-range Current-limiting Fuse

Introducing the NEW Hi-Tech Valiant™ full-range current-limiting fuse for fire mitigation. No one wants to be the cause of a wildfire. That's why ABB's Hi-Tech engineers developed the Hi-Tech Valiant full-range current-limiting fuse for fire mitigation.

This new fuse incorporates over 20 years of field-tested Hi-Tech full-range fuse technology combined with a new visual indicating mechanism. The Hi-Tech Valiant current-limiting fuse’s special construction contains the expulsive fragments that could otherwise be emitted during fuse operation – fragments that could fall on dry vegetation and ignite a wildfire.

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Features & Benefits

  • Hermetically sealed design to contain expulsive showers during operation
  • Meets the exemption requirements listed in the California Code of Regulations, Title 14, Section 1255 (10)
  • Designed and 100% leak tested in the USA
  • Fits into an industry-standard cutout fuse mounting bracket
  • Meets the IEEE C37.41-20216 standard

Special Advantages

  • Hi-Tech damage sensor included as standard – helps protect against undetected damage to the fuse that could compromise equipment protection
  • Unique, patent-pending engagement pin for easy vertical and rotational alignment during installation
  • The actuating pin remains external to the fuse after operation – eliminating the possibility of recloser
  • Multi-seal design seal prevents water intrusion
  • Soldered/welded electrical connections
  • Uses a mechanical spring for operation – contains no black powder or other explosive material
  • High fault interrupting capability up to 50 kA symmetrical

Catalogs & Brochures

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Hi-Tech Valiant current-limiting fuse for fire mitigation - brochure

Hi-Tech Valiant current-limiting fuse  - infographic

Hi-Tech Valiant current-limiting fuse - customer presentation

Application of Products in the Environment

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Hi-Tech Valiant full-range current-limiting fuse application 2

Hi-Tech Valiant full-range current-limiting fuse application 3